I am a freelance photographer based in Gloucestershire, UK. Over the years I have gained my EFIAP and DPAGB distinctions. Commercially I am involved in selling prints and books and tutoring.


It is almost a cliché that most photographers like me prefer to say that they are “self taught”! Personally I find it a bit difficult to make the "self teaching" claim when I have read so many photography books, magazines, have attended numerous lectures by great photographers, have participated in countless competitions locally, nationally and internationally and received feedback through these events for over 10 years. To me photography is not a profession or a job - to me photography is an art, a passion to work with light and to produce works of art that we enjoy seeing again and again. There are many types of photography, such as journalistic, creative, wildlife, still photography and so on, but to me they all have an artistic dimension which reflects the human input and emotions. Whilst most people with the right equipment and a bit of training can capture technically "perfect" images, being able to work in the artistic dimension has more to do with talent and artistry. Whether it is a photo of a misty forest, landscape or even a butterfly, I try to capture it with the full intention of turning it into a work of art! A colleague of mine once said that it is as if "I love to add a bit of poetry to my images!" - I was flattered of course!

Aleks Gjika Photography

Photography is a passion thing!


33 Sapphire Way, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL3 4FB, United Kingdom,





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