Every Pixel Counts!

All all know that ultimately a digital image is just a bunch of pixels. They are square and there are a lot of them! It is how we arrange those pixels, or the composition, that eventually end up with. Having judged over 100 competitions, I had noticed that novice photographers in particular, but not only, seem to "ignore" parts of the picture completely, focusing on what they like best instead. This is how the human brains works, constantly "removing" unimportant parts from our vision. But the brain is a very sophisticated organ, a camera is not. A camera will assign the same importance to every pixel in the frame!

It is up to us as photographers to "add or remove" parts in our photos so that every pixel counts in playing a part in strengthening the message the image is broadcasting rather than hindering it. And there are many ways we can do this, from where we point our cameras, where we focus, how we expose to post processing.

This lecture is aimed at beginners and intermediate photographers mostly but not only. It is not meant to be a workshop. There will be examples demonstrating how I go about making sure that every pixel in my pictures counts but mostly I will be doing this show my best and latest work.

Format: Digital

Duration: About 2 Hours

Availability: In person this presentation is available only to clubs within 50 miles from Gloucester. Remotely, this presentations is available internationally.

Price: Depends on distance from Gloucester, purpose, equipment etc.. please contact me using the details on the left of this page for more.

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I am a freelance photographer based in Gloucestershire, UK. Over the years I have gained my EFIAP and DPAGB distinctions. Commercially I am involved in selling prints and books and tutoring.

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